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Re: [IP] Paradigm belt clip is here - another MiniMed story about them being free for upgrades

Was anyone told at that upgrade training from the 508 to the paradigm
that, although the belt clip had been recalled and was unavailable at
that time, when the new model was available we would be sent one of
these free of charge? 

This clip is mentioned in my User Guide and I specifically contacted
MiniMed today about this.  They seem to have no knowledge of this and
are "unaware" that their reps and trainers were telling people this
would be a free item.  My son and I specifically asked about this clip
at our table during the training, and the trainer assured us we would
get one at no charge when they became available. However, now this a
"for sale" only item and apparently people who were promised these clips
earlier will now have to pay for them.

Any others that were told this would be free to us when it was available?

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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