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[IP] Re: infection in site. (Carrying Staph)

> <It's possible that either you or your child is a staph carrier.
> This is pretty common. >
> ------------------------------------------------
> Michael,
> If you are a staph carrier, is it possible to get rid of it by
> taking antibiotics for a period of time?  Just curious.  I thought I
> read something about that once.

>My understanding is that it's permanent, but I don't know a lot about
>it other than there are people on the list that are "blessed" with

READ MY MIND Michael!  :-)

> It is benign for the carrier except when there are open wounds,
>etc.... Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can provide an answer.

Unfortunately I am one of the blessed and I got really blessed for I had
four staph infections and they never go away.  I am still trying to recover
from little soars all over my arms.  It is taking a long time to heal
because of being a slow healer ( and if anyone wants to send me a private
email to tell me it9s because I don9t control my blood sugars ... DON9T
BOTHER for you are WRONG ) and with each open soar it just propagates.  I am
getting there slowly but surely.  At this point they don9t want me on oral
antibiotics since I have been on so many that it could create more problems.
I am using topical antibiotics.

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