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Re: [IP] Unexplained high

> My questions: (1) it seems the french fries had an effect throughout the 
> afternoon; next time I will try a dual wave. But how long can this effect 
> last? Can it explain a high 12 hours later? and (2) any other plausible 
> explanations for such a high blood sugar out of the blue? 

i MIGHT have an explanation.

i changed my stuff this morning
i was 109
less then 2 hours later, i was near 200
(BTW, i eat no breakfast)
i did a correction, and around 1/2 hour later, i was still above 220 
i said to myself "SELF, we have a problem"

i always carry a spare infusion set with me.
when i pulled it out, there was a little bit of blood,
though i saw none, when i inserted it, and it didnt hurt (which it does, if
ive hit a bad spot).
anyway, its a few hours later, and im 129....

just something to consider

i would say (I know... YMMV), if your bs is going up, when it absolutely
should not be,
change your set
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