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[IP] ringing in the ears

email @ redacted writes:
>Does anyone know what causes ringing in the ears and is there anything that
>can be done to stop it?
>Is it related to diabetes?
>I think when I'm stressed or after an insulin reaction it is louder.
>It is louder in one ear.

  Wow another ear ringer. I've have it for the 16 years since diagnosis. Seems
to come along with dizziness some times. I'm certain it is diabetes related but
have never gotten any where with Drs and careful observations have not shown a
 correlation to high or low bgs at the time that it begins. It's worse for me
when I'm stressed too. The good new is that it used to be a big deal but now
that I have much tighter control it almost never happens. It probably is low
related like
 you said because I used to have lots of lows and rebounds. Hope the ringing
goes away soon, I know how annoying it is to listen to. Does yours some times
have a circular swishing sound kind of like listing to a conch shell?
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