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[IP] Rumatoid Arthritis

  On the subject of Andrea saying that her Endo thought she had RA, I was having
joint pain for several years and my endos thought I might have RA (but test was
neg.). I'm not on any meds it could be attributed to but they kept testing again
 they though that diabetes was a risk factor. Then they started saying I was
stiff and sore because I was "such an old diabetic" (this was when I was 18-22)!
To make a long story short my internist wanted me to try a dairy free diet to
see if it
 could be effecting my digestion. I was reluctant because I'm already so eating
restricted and I had been on and off dairy so many times over the years and I
did not have classic lactose intolerance. But I did and the joint pain went
away. Since
 then every time I try to cheat and eat just a little dairy the pain and
stiffness returns. I'm just mentioning this because food allergys as a source of
joint pain is not too well know, plus it is so easy to start focusing on things
being diabetes
related when some times they are not.
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