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[IP] Waterproof pockets

This may only be of interest and usefulness to the boys and men on the
list but I thought I would share it.  While looking through my son's
most recent copy of Sports Illustrated (sorry to say it's the swimsuit
issue) there was a very interesting add from Speedo.  Available in the
2003 Speedo line is Speedo's first waterproof pocket.  They advertise it
as a place to protect your valuables - cell phones, wallets, and
watches.  I wonder how it would do with a pump?  I guess you would have
to deal with the tubing coming out somewhere and that would make it not
waterproof.  My son usually disconnects while swimming, but even finding
a waterproof place to store the pump while at the beach is difficult.
Maybe he could just leave it in the pocket NOT connected.  I would want
to try it out first with something that was not as important as the
pump.  Anyway, thought some of you might be interested.
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