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Re: [IP] Insurance Battle to get my Cozmo

> Hi, 
> I just heard from Deltec about my pump...it turns out
> that because I am on the EPO health insurance through
> my work (it had the lowest co-pays for drugs and my
> physicians are covered so I chose it) there are NO
> 'in-network' distributers who carry Deltec Cozmo
> insulin pumps.  
> So, Deltec is going to get my physician to sign a
> statement of medical necessity and they are going to
> try to get an one-time exception to let me purchase my
> pump 'out-of-network'.  But, United Health Care has NO
> coverage for out of network durable medical equipment
> on the EPO plan, so I have a feeling it's going to be
> quite a battle.  

Why don't you see if they will let you purchase the pump from your 
Doctor. Doc's are allowed to dispense pumps, perhaps that would work.

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