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Re: [IP] Cozmo Reps

our rep is Michael Lindsay 800-544-4734 ex 5280  He was very nice and he
called my back right away.  He is located in south fl.

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Subject: [IP] Cozmo Reps

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> Hi I am hoping someone out there in the cyber world can help me.  I am
> to get into contact with my local Cozmo Rep so I can make my decision
> which pump I am going to go and fight for with my insurance company.  I am
> about to make my final appeal with their process and would like to have
> to have seen a Cozmo before having to commit to another pump.  I have left
> message with David Kencade who I was told is my area rep and I have not
> anything back from him or anyone else from Delta.  This bothers me.  I
> to give this pump a chance at least and I dont know if this is going to be
> possible if I cant even get someone to return a call so I could see this
> pump.. Can someone out there help me??
> Thanks
> Joni
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