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[IP] re: Cozmo Software (Long)

From: "Sue" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Cozmo Software
>Has any one gotten the software for the Cozmo yet? I am getting ready to
>order it but I the Windows 98 version is not available yet. I would love
>have some idea of what it is like.

I got the Treatment Assistant last week, but it took a while to install on my
computer.  I do have Windows XP, so that was not a problem.  The IR port that
Deltec is sending with the treatment assistant is not "approved" by Microsoft
(I guess Bill isn't getting his piece of the action).  Anyway when you install
the IR port you get a disturbing message about possible failures in your
system if you proceed with installing this hardware which does not carry the
"Windows Logo".  I called Deltec who reassured me that the IR port is tested
on Windows since that is what the majority of people use, so installed it

I then had significant problems getting the IR port and pump to line up so
that they could communicate.  I did call Deltec and a very nice tech support
person walked me through the process.  But getting a call back took about an
hour etc.  The regular customer service people know very little about the
treatment assistant and the tech people who can help are not in the same city
as the customer support 800- number.

The software is much less intuitive than the pump itself.  I put in two basal
patterns for Sarah and some other info (even before we had the IR port
connected).  The software does prompt you to name and save what you have
entered like most programs.  When I opened the software the next time, it
opens with totally blank basal patterns.  You have to go to an "open" icon and
pull up the previously saved info.  I guess this is because the software is
also used at Clinics where they will have info on many people, but for home
use I wish it just opened with our info each time.

Finally the reports are basically a list of everything (and I do mean
everything when you ask for Complete History) that the pump has done.  It does
not however have any capacity for graphing the information (at least not that
I've found) For me it would be helpful to have a chart or a graph showing
blood sugar levels, basal rates, bolus amounts etc.  All of this can be gotten
off the listed info, but is not readily in a form to "see" what has happened
and compare day to day--is she always high after school etc.  We were able
with the software to "name" Sarah's pump (very important when you are 10 years
old) and put in my cell phone number (important for Mom's piece of mind).

We do think that the pump itself is an incredible machine and is very easy to
use.  We have had a couple of reasons to call Deltec and have found customer
service people to be friendly, polite, and helpful.  We did have a problem
last weekend with the pump powering up and down frequently (~10 times on
Saturday).  It never stayed off for more than a few seconds but we did not
know what was causing it.  Deltec immediately sent a brand new pump by Fed Ex
with a box to return the old pump.  After getting the new pump up and working,
Sarah said she thought she knew why the old pump was powering up and down.
The battery cover seemed tight to us, but if you pushed on it, the pump was
shutting down momentarily.  The new one did not do that and I could "over
tighten" the old one and get it to stop, but I'm wondering if the pump was
waterproof when pushing on it would do that.  Just FYI for anyone else using
the Deltec.

Sorry this is so long, but wanted to let others know of our Deltec experience.
If any one wants more details, you can e-mail me off the list.

Cindy Hoehn
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