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[IP] Disconnecting and Water Parks

I am sorry your Trainer has not checked on you.  I am a pest of a patient
and have always been the one to call them (most CDEs & Endo have made a
comment about my uniqueness as a patient :o)  I am very impatient, but I do
not think it would be out of line to call them up (it has been 3-weeks.)  

For me, it works to disconnect to take a shower (that is actually about the
only time I disconnect.)  I do not see the point of just disconnecting for
the "fun" of it but although Paradigm is watertight, I see it as a hassle to
stay hooked while showering.  I used to suspend the pump when I disconnected
for a shower but I noticed that I tended to forget to un-suspend.  My CDE
made a comment at a post-hookup meeting that it is best to leave it running
when you disconnect since most people forget to un-suspend.  I wished she
had provided that bit of advise the first day but either way I reached the
same conclusion.

I did disconnect once at a water park (left the pump at the locker) but
could not enjoy myself just thinking about the 1hr limit, and the line
taking too long, and that I might have to leave the line to bolus, and bla,
bla, bla (did I say I was impatient and a bit obsessive with instructions??)
I did it for the first hour and then I just took my pump with me on the rest
of the rides.  

I clipped it inside out (like Summer described earlier this week) with the
pump's screen attached to me and the clip in the outer side.  I clipped it
to the side of my tankini's bottom until it was time to ride.  I then put it
in-between my breast area in the center, again with the clip towards the
outside.  It worked great.  It never came out and I enjoyed every ride.  The
only thing is that I wonder if people looked at me funny because as soon as
I reached the bottom of the ride I grabbed my breast area to make sure the
pump was still secure.

Well, take care and enjoy disconnecting for showers and if you can/dare
wearing your pump at the water parks this summer!!!

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
>>Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 18:07:16 -0600
>>From: <email @ redacted>
>>Subject: [IP] Disconnecting from pump

>>When you disconnect from pump, do you leave it running and let insulin
drip out? I use Paradigm, started 1/28. Still trying to get courage up to
disconnect. When is the best time to practice? Right before set change?
QR. I guess you can tell my trainer hasn't called to check in.
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