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[IP] battery "plug"??? on my paradigm


Have you checked/cleaned the thread of the battery plug?  I wonder if there
is a small something in the thread that is making it difficult to reach its
locked position.  Just my two cents.  I clean mine with an alcohol patch
every once in a while  (always waiting for it completely dry before
inserting the new battery) and have found it to accumulate a lot of dust and
just little/tinny stuff.  I actually do this to the whole outside of the
pump too.

Also, thanks for the peeing in the stick versus the cup pointer.  What I
meant was that I did not pee for a long time during my sickness.  I was
dehydrated from constant vomiting and diarrhea.  I actually noticed that I
did not pee much at all until the next day.  Either way, thanks.  

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)

Summer wrote:
>>The battery "plug"??? on my paradigm - you know how they say to turn it
its paralell to the pump andlined up with the reservior well it used to be
way but now every time I change it it turns more and more so its no longer
up. Is this a problem? its still tight but at this rate it'll spin around
and be lining up again! will this effect the waterableness??

I guess I'll have to call but has this happened to anyone else?
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