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[IP] Doctors Part 2

Well, I finally got in to see a doctor yesterday. He is a pump friendly PCP. 
I walked in the room and there were two med students there. My first thought 
was "oh great". It turned out to be just fine. It took them 2 hours to take 
my long complicated medical history. Then the PCP spent an hour with me. He 
picked up my pump and was showing one of the med students how it worked. It 
was great, I didn't have to explain it at all. He also gave the best 
explaination for NLD I have ever heard. Turns out that my now former endo was 
so wrong in saying I just has a cold, I have broncitis and an ear infection. 
Now I wonder what would have happend if I had listened to my former endo?

The doctor has taken me off of lipitor because he thinks that it may be 
causing the pain in my joints (which  other doctors think is RA) . Has anyone 
had this side effect from Lipitor?

He also wants to put me on glucophage because I am so insulin resistant. I 
was on rezulin (before it got pulled from the market) when I was younger but 
I don't remember if it helped. Is anyone else doing this?

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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