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[IP] Unexplained high

Hi everyone,

I am new to pumping (2 weeks) but old to DM (almost 30 years).  Things have
been going very well so far.  Tonight I had an odd high blood sugar; I
thought someone might have an explanation or advice.

I had french fries for lunch this afternoon at 12pm; I bolused for the
carbs in them and the rest of lunch.  I ran high at 4pm (180) and bolused
an appropriate correction, but was still around 200 at 6pm.  This came down
to 130 at 8:30, when I ate a late dinner.  This was essentially soup and
crackers--I had the same soup last night with no problems.  An hour later I
tested OK at 143, but at 12:15 it was up to 280!  (I have been this high
only once before since starting on the pump).  It has since come down after
a bolus.

My questions: (1) it seems the french fries had an effect throughout the
afternoon; next time I will try a dual wave.  But how long can this effect
 last?  Can it explain a high 12 hours later? and (2) any other plausible
explanations for such a high blood sugar out of the blue?

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