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Re: [IP] My Endo Doctor

>  To my surprise she had said that she also had worn one for a
>period of time using saline solution to get a feel for what a patient
>was experiencing with this mini computer hooked up to her body.Many had
>talked about the lack of knowledge that doctors have about pumping.I
>guess I"am very fortunate to have a doctor who really understands

>>>My Endo is the same, wore the different pumps so that he would have a
feeling for what his patients experience.  <snip> Is your Doctor listed?
Maybe they should be!     :>)

Mine wasn't listed there - but 20 years ago he and his DE (no certified back
then) wore pumps for 3 days w/saline to experience what patients would go
through. Of course they would no the actual effects of insulin, just the
straight needles we bent ourselves, and the machines attached. My endo even
had an injection of insulin to experience a low. So, why wasn't he listed
there since I joined IP 11/5/99? Cuz he didn't keep up with pumping and I
believe did more harm than good after a few years - then got fired by
Physician's Network.

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