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Re: [IP] Unused tubing

>Responding to Summer: Why would you wait so long and then just throw out the
>unused tubings??
>If I don't have to change the cartridge I don't change the tubing. My
>cartridge holds 300 units, I use and average of 12.4 units per day so the
>cartridge lasts about 24 days therefore I change my tubing about every 6th
>site change. Why out the insulin in the tubing when I don't have to? I have
>yet to discard any tubing. I am hoping maybe someday they will sell the
>needle seperate from the tubing and I will only need to by the needles for a

Sue, if you check the Archives dating back to 97 you'll find a 
several strings of postings on the different uses for unused tubing. 
For awhile someone was collecting it to send to Minimed as a way of 
showing that they needed to sell the tubing separately from the sets. 
Then there were the discussions of the more esoteric uses of tubing, 
making place mats or hammocks or tying up tomato plants.  Yes, there 
will always be a use for tubing!    :>)

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