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Re: [IP] My Endo Doctor

>Hi fellow pumpers;
>      I met with my endo last week, my first visit since i started
>pumping 1-08-03.I had told her I was very happy with my Animas pump.
>Telling her it was very interesting having this machine attached to my
>body. To my surprise she had said that she also had worn one for a
>period of time using saline solution to get a feel for what a patient
>was experiencing with this mini computer hooked up to her body.Many had
>talked about the lack of knowledge that doctors have about pumping.I
>guess I"am very fortunate to have a doctor who really understands

My Endo is the same, wore the different pumps so that he would have a 
feeling for what his patients experience.  That is why you will find 
him listed here, Dr. Joseph Milburn, Zip 750:


Is your Doctor listed?    Maybe they should be!     :>)

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