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[IP] re: a question

Of course, Serena, this is the way the pump companies have designed 
it to make more money. Anybody with a lick of common sense would 
realize that the tubing should be sold with the reservoirs, NOT with 
the catheters.  But I guess the people who make those decisions 
aren't as smart as us pumpers ;-)

<<<<<<<<<<Since using my thighs for sites I find I have to change my 
cannulas every 2 days.  Of course I don't have to change the 
extension tubing at that time and can go quite a few days more before 
I have to change the tubing.  Thus I much more quickly run out of 
insertion cannulas and am left with an enormous number of unused 
extension tubing, which I am no longer able to use.  Does this
happen to anyone else?  serena, dx'd '76 pumping with "panacea" for about 12
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