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[IP] Re: Sickle Cell Trait

Becky Said:

>[IP] sickle cell trait??
>anyone out there know anything about this?? i am very curious.

Hi Becky,

I have this too (my docs call it Thalassemia).  It does cause some tests to 
come out wrong.  Apparently, there are two ways of testing A1C's.  When I 
was at the Blue Cross HMO, the method they did always came out wrong (I 
ended up with A1 results of 1 and 2 and anyone that knows me, knows that 
just ain't right).  The doc would have to write on the lab slips to use 
"columnar method" and the result would come back more reasonable.  (Maybe 
someone can explain the difference in the tests?)

Sickle Cell trait doesn't cause me problems, except a strange medication 
absorption rate.  Don't know if that's just me or what.

Weird Jenn
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