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[IP] Re: question about ketones

The BioScanner2000 also does blood ketones, as well as the
different cholesterols (Total, HDL, Triglyceride). We have this
one since our daughter has a cholesterol problem that we need to
keep an eye on. The strips for it are 6 ketone (or cholesterol
etc) strips for ~$19. But, if you don't need all these different
tests (it also does glucose, btw - they are priced differently)
then I'd go with the Precision Xtra. The Precision Xtra ketone
strips are 8 for ~$30.

Also, I don't think it necessarily finds the ketones faster, but
that it finds a specific type of ketone that the urine strips
can't detect.

Take care, Kerri
Member of G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised In The South) ;)
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Eloisa said:
This is the only meter I have used and so far (that I know) is
the only Blood Ketone meter available today.

Sarah said:
How quickly do ketones show up in the urine?  Is a meter that
reads a blood sample faster at determining ketones than the
ketostix?  If so, does anyone have advice about which and where
to get it and how much it costs?
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