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Re: [IP] Colorado

>>>My brother and sister live in Denver and it seems like every time I go
there I have higher sugars and use more insulin.  It is probably very
individualized like everything with diabetes.<<<

It is hard to say if that would be caused by the altitude, though, or the
stress of the visit.  Even good stress can cause blood sugars to rise.  I love
my family and get along with them great, but just about any time I see them (I
live 500 miles away), my sugars rise and I need more insulin.  They don't live
in a high altitude.

Growing up, we vacationed in the Rocky Mts. of Colorado every year.  We did a
lot of physical things -- hiking, swimming, water slide, etc.  I had trouble
with my sugars all right -- lots of lows!

Certainly, it may be possible that altitude could have an impact on blood
sugars for some people, but it seems clear that it is not guaranteed.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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