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Re: [IP] (Fwd) Re: access denied - HELP US!!!!!!

>  So what exactly will the Canadian IP be?? Will I have to switch??

heh... heh.... no, you will not have to switch. 

>  Can I still
> get the US posts?

IP-Canada will have a web site that addresses Canadian issues and 
issues unique to each province. The web-site is in prototype and 
should be ready to roll pretty soon. I don't know if there are yet 
enough Canadian members for a separate list to be truly "busy", but 
when the time comes, it will be there. And..... anyone can belong to 
any list they like or as many as they like.

>  You guys are sooo great! I truly believe that Canada is far behind
>  in diabetes
> pump knowledge. It seems like eveyone in the US at least knows about
> them if not wears one!!

The interesting thing is that Barb Chafe came to IP several years ago 
when she was having difficulty getting a pump for her daughter. The 
doc finally agreed reluctantly. A year later there were something 
like 30+ kids in has practice on pumps. Barb now heads a support 
group she started locally that has 200+ members. She and her daughter 
have appeared on national TV and in news articles. Things are moving 
a blazing speed in Canada :-)

I can't say enough good things about Barb Chafe. What she has 
accomplished is remarkable.

 email @ redacted

P.S. just wish we could get our 50 or so Canadian members that use 
sympatico.ca back on line.
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