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[IP] (Fwd) Re: access denied - HELP US!!!!!!

Tha saga continues....    :-)

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From:          "George Lovelace" <email @ redacted>
Date:          Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:48:02 -0600
Subject:       [IPy] (Fwd) Re: access denied - HELP US!!!!!!

 BOY!!! I just can't believe how much good is coming out of this email problem!

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Hi George and Barb

I was online last night and on the phone with a young man with
sympatico and he worked for hours saying there was no block but I
needed to send in an attachment with what you were receiving.I did
that with help from Roselea.

Then I spent an extra 75 minutes discussing with this young man all
about the pump.His Dad is diabetic type 2 but his uncle is type 1 and
suffering so bad with insulin problems and eating etc. I explained
carb counting and told him he could give my email to his uncle and all
as they too knew nothing about pumping. This young man took notes,
asked questions and was super at asking great questions. I sense this
"uncle" will be soon in contact with IP Canada as this young man
wanted his uncle to get informed and so we might also get another
Atlantic pumper by all this problem.

So just to encourage you all and thank you for all your efforts as
this problem seems to have a silver lining in it and I rejoice knowing
more people are now taking about pumps.

Hugs to you both
Jana Church
Nova Scotia

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