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[IP] Paradigm problems???...and software


I tend to agree with you.  I got mine in late May and started pumping in
My SW version is the same as yours 1.7C 1.1 0B 0B and I can't report any
problems so far (nock on wood!!!)

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dx 2/11/02
Pumping 6/02 (I need to look up the exact date for my pumping aniversary!)
>>Ryan wrote:
>>I've had my Paradigm since last May (though, didn't start pumping with 
it until July).  Anyhow, during that time, I haven't had a single 
problem with it.  All of the common problems reported here, such as 
short-battery life, no low-power warnings, losing basal settings, light 
problems, etc...I haven't experienced any of them.

>>So, anyhow, I was curious as to the software version that each pumper 
has on the Paradigm, as well as what problems you have experienced with 
the software.

>>I'll go first...

>>My software version is:  1.7C 1.1 0B 0B
>>I've had no problems whatsoever after 8 months of pumping.
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