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[IP] question about ketones


I use the Precision Xtra BG meter.  It also reads blood ketones which show
in the blood much quicker than in the urine (just like blood glucose
monitors are much more accurate than urine ones (accuracy on the actual
number and the timing of how much the glucose or ketones are in your

You have to buy the ketone sticks for the meter (they come 8 to a pack.)  I
am not sure how much they since I only pay the co-payment.  

I really like the blood ketone test.  I can do it while in a meeting or
anywhere I feel "sick".  It also gives you a numeric value.  When I got the
stomach virus everyone got this winter, I was dehidrated from throuwing up
and diarreah and in no condition to pee in a cup for testign with ketostick.
I was glad I had the Bketone test.

Actually the fact that my meter has this option is the primary reason why I
am still using it.  I do not want to carry with me two meters one for BG and
one for Ketones.  The only bad thing is that this meter is not as fast nor
as "nice" looking as some of the others.  Another thing I like is that the
cover is made of a material when exposed to light is absorbs some of it and
it reflects in dark areas (this is helpful when locating your meter in the
middle of the night and not wanting to disturb your significant other.)  I
am not very constant on where I place the meter after my bedtime test
(sometimes in the night table sometimes on top of my D-bag next to the bed.)
The illumination from the material (like those stars they sell that you put
on kid's rooms) helps me to locate it.  It also has an additional small
light you can use when you are getting the blood sample in dark areas (like
a movie theater.)

Well, let me know if you have any questions.  This is the only meter I have
used and so far (that I know) is the only Blood Ketone meter available

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dx 2/11/02
Pumping 6/02 (I need to look up the exact date for my pumping aniversary!)

>>Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 14:39:03 -0800
>>From: "Sarah Jones" <email @ redacted>
>>Subject: [IP] question about ketones

>>I'm about to start pumping and I find I have lots of new questions.

>>How quickly do ketones show up in the urine?  Is a meter that reads a
sample faster at determining ketones than the ketostix?  If so, does anyone
have advice about which and where to get it and how much it costs?
>>Thanx for any info.
>>Sarah Jones

>>Best Regards,
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