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Re: [IP] Ignorant Comments

"I have gotten similar comments about my pump too. "oh, you must have it
REALLY bad....", etc. However, I just say "Nope. I have my diabetes under
good control. Since an insulin pump is the best technology for controlling
diabetes on the market today, I choose to use it." Or something similar to
that. "

my response too!!

BTW, i saw my endo today for a physical. I mentioned to her nurse (whos been
there forever),
about how i no longer had to eat 3 meals a day. She responded how dangerous
that was, and told
me about her father, and his diabetes.... SHES in the medical field, and has
NO idea
about how things have progressed.... its not just strangers, or "dummies". 
Even people in the "medical field" just arent aware of the changes that have
taken place,
in the treatment of diabetes.
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