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Re: [IP] Olympic Athletes

Regarding someone's post about olympic xc skiing
>as being one sport where the pump wouldn't really 
>work, as they don't wear enough clothes to keep it 

I would guess that body heat keeps it warm enough
though.  XC skiing is an incredibly strenuous sport
where the heat generated by his own exertion would
most likely keep the pump warm enough.  Depending on
the exact event that he competes in - it could be
hours before he is back to a place where he could take
an injection.  When ever I've cycled in a century ride
- I cannot go without insulin.  Even though BGs might
be okay the ketones aren't.  Can't imagine an olympic
athlete would want to compromise their competitive
edge by not having their pump hooked up and running.

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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