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[IP] Today is my 25th Anniversary!

Hi, I'm fairly new to this list, although I have posted a few times.  My
name is Robbie, female age 41, and today is my 25th Anniversary of living
with Type I diabetes. I was diagnosed at 16 years of age.  I started on the
pump 19 years ago, and am currently on my 6th pump.  I just upgraded to the
D-Tron Plus in January and am on Novolog insulin.  My only diagnosed
diabetic complication is very mild background retinopathy - I guess I
inherited the good genes, because my control over the years has been less
than great.  I do have some other medical conditions though -
hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, and arthritis symptoms.  I did have a frozen
shoulder a few years ago, but had good results with cortisone shots and
physical therapy.

I can really relate to Jan Hughey's e-mails about the early days of
pumping - when we did not have carb counting, ratios, unused insulin rules,
and all the good tools we have today.  I started carb counting in 1990 -
before that my glycos were in the 8.5 -10.0 range. During my pregnancies
(1984, 1985, and 1993), I was able to bring them down to the 5.5 - 6.0 range
though.  I had an excellent endocrinologist whom I called once or twice
every few days with BG readings and I was on a very strict exchange list
diet!  My current glyco is 7.7, and I'm trying to bring it down.

I have learned so many tips from being on the IP list.  Thank you all so
very much for sharing all your knowledge and insights.  Bless you all.

Robbie Bronder

DX type 1 - February 20, 1978....Pumping Insulin since December 15, 1983
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