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Re: [IP] Ignorant Comments

I have gotten similar comments about my pump too.  "oh, you must
have it REALLY bad....", etc.  However, I just say "Nope.  I have
my diabetes under good control. Since an insulin pump is the
best technology for controlling diabetes on the market today, I
choose to use it."  Or something similar to that.

My two cents.

John Hughes

< Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 13:30:56 -0600
< From: Sherry Compton <email @ redacted>
< Subject: [IP] Ignorant Comments
< snip>
<  been pumping a few months. A customer noticed it on my belt and < < < 
said, "Oh, is
< that an
<  insulin pump?" I was kind of excited that someone knew what it was. < But 
then he
< said,
<  "Yeah, my grandmother has to have one of those. She has diabetes < < < 
really bad
< off". And his
< girlfriend gave me a "oh what a freak" look.
< It made me want to hide it.

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