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Re: [IP] D-Tron Plus Backorders

> The reason people are having trouble getting their second pump
> (D-Tron Plus), is that all D-Tron's have been recalled and are being
> replaced by the D-Tron Plus.  This is due to accidental bolusing by
> some of the D-Tron's. It is apparently an electronic problem of some
> sort.  This will go on until April, though extensions on the project
> are likely.

The problem is related to the mechnical "dome" buttons on the pump 
not working properly. This is the same issue for which D issued a 
warning letter last summer (thereabouts). If you follow the 
procedures outlined in their letter to all DTron owners, the risk (if 
any) is minimized. The pumps could be refurbed, but my understanding 
is that D made a decision to just upgrade their customers instead.

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