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Re: [IP] JDRF posters

>>>Actually my daughter has been one of those as kids you described as
"pathetic" little kids who has tried to help out with JDRF.<<<

I doubt that I am talking about your daughter from what you describe.
Speaking up about what diabetes is like in such a way that grabs the
listener's attention doesn't sound like what I got from the PSA kids.  All the
PSA kids had to say was mostly along the lines of I hate diabetes, shots,
checking my blood sugar, etc.  Please don't assume that my comments apply to
any child associated with JDRF who has spoken about the disease.  (Hey, I've
spoken to groups of people about life with diabetes, too, before!)

It is even possible that THOSE children I was referring to don't wallow as
they appear to do on the PSA.  Assuming they are real diabetic kids, and not
actors, I would imagine they were instructed to say what they didn't like and
whine when they did it, because those who made the PSA wanted it that way.

I was just saying that if they kept that attitude about the disease, it
wouldn't serve them well.  And I hope that that wouldn't be in dispute.
"Checking my blood sugar hurts really, really bad," doesn't result in frequent
checking.  "I hate taking shots," doesn't make them unnecessary.  "I hate
diabetes," doesn't make it go away.  These are facts of life.  Cruel facts,
maybe, but facts.  We've got to deal with it and move on.  Look on the bright
side.  It could be a whole lot worse.  Diabetes could be the death sentence it
once was.

THAT'S the kind of attitude I would want to foster in my child if he or she
developed diabetes.  It is the attitude that I hope those children have in
their approach to their disease when the cameras aren't rolling.

Unless you are fostering self-pity in your child, I'm not, at all, being
critical of your daughter's speaking about life with the disease.  People need
to know to give money, don't they?  :-)

I'm sorry if my take on the JDRF PSA was offensive to you.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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