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[IP] (Fwd) [IPy] Fwd: Re: access denied - HELP US!!!!!!

I thought perhaps the general membership would like a little peek 
into the background of what our heroic mail admin team works on day 
in and day out. This particular exchange is occuring between our 
admin George and Barb Chafe. For those of you that may not know, Barb 
is the Executive Director of Insulin Pumpers Canada (web site coming 
soon) and over the last 2 years has DIRECTLY contributed to 200 new 
pumpers being started in Canada including a great many children.

At the moment due to some major screw up with one of the largest 
Canadian ISP's, our Canadian members ~50 or so can not get any mail 
from IP....... read on.....

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Date:          Thu, 20 Feb 2003 08:22:50 -0600
From:          George Lovelace <email @ redacted>
Subject:       [IPy] Fwd: Re: access denied - HELP US!!!!!!

Great News from Barb!  Especially with the added bonus of finding a
new "convert" so young! 

George    ;>)

>From: "Barb and Duck" <email @ redacted>
>To: "George Lovelace" <email @ redacted>
>Cc: "Jana Church" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: access denied - HELP US!!!!!!
>Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 08:36:30 -0400
>X-Priority: 3
>HI George,
>Hopefully you received the cc of the email I sent out to the addresses you
>shared with me.
>I was on the phone with Sympatico for almost an hour last night until 12:30
>a.m. (pretty groggy this morning).  I was speaking to Karen our of New
>Brunswick's Sympatico helpline and she said that 550 is a spam blocker and
>is used to send a block on any bulk emailings with 50+ addresses with
>symatico designation in it.  Actually it is a little more indepth than that
>as she said the 50+ customers would all have to have the same provincial
>designation so if it said
>ns.sympatico.ca 48 times, and sympatico.ca 3times, it would be okay.  When I
>told her about the site, the important of the link to it, how we are working
>on a Canadian version and the troubles I can forsee with it, she listened a
>little harder.  We started talking about the non-profit organizations which
>rely on this important means of contacting their members and she was very
>sympathetic.   Although Karen she said she can't do anything about it
>herself, she said that it seems strange that IP is having the same problem
>with singular emails as well and thought it required a little more looking
>into even if it wasn't her department.
>So..........she said "hold on I am going to talk to a supervisor".
>When she came back after approx 10 minutes (this girl is thorough<g>) she
>said that her supervisor told her the 50 email limit had actually been
>lifted.  HUH?  Now Karen was a little more perplexed, and said that she was
>going to follow through on this herself and would email me directly to let
>me know what is going on.
>THEN........she said "what is a pump?".  To make a long story short (Karen
>stayed 25 minutes after her shift was over to finish our conversation)
>Karen's little 2 yr old neice (diabetic for 8 months), whose family had
>NEVER heard of an insulin pump, will be put in contact with me :)  I already
>found somebody for the family to network with in their area.  All I need now
>is their email to me and we might have another peds pumper in New Brunswick
>to join the everygrowing numbers!  Silver lining to every cloud.
>So George, as I hear things I will keep you informed.
>Oh, and Butterfly is soaring.......almost at full speed.  Her pneumonia has
>cleared up but her energy level is pretty low still.
>Have a good day, or at least try, and THANK YOU for all that you do.  Life
>would be different indeed if it were not for the existence of the IP and
>volunteers like you. *i am now bowing before you*
>Barb :)
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "George Lovelace" <email @ redacted>
>To: "Barb and Duck" <email @ redacted>
>Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 8:41 PM
>Subject: Re: access denied - HELP US!!!!!!
>>  >George,
>>  >
>>  >I GOT IT!
>>  >
>>  Barb,
>>  THANKS!!!!   I wish I had thought of writing you days ago.  Just been
>>  busy with other stuff and didn't have time to track the solution
>>  down.  I know that you are the solution!!!!   :>)
>>  Best regards, hope your butterfly will soon be spreading her wings again!
>>  George
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