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[IP] Re: unjustified comments

I, too, get the comments and looks when I eat something I "shouldn't".  I 
just tell them with my pump I can eat all the no-no's as long as I bolus for 
it.  I even get those comments from family members who are health 
professionals.  No, I do not take offense--I just go ahead and eat!  I 
remember one time when I was on MDI my sister-in-law, who was working with 
diabetics in a Louisville hospital, said "Take some extra regular so we can 
have a piece of pie."  I did and we enjoyed the pie.  That was the first time 
I did that but sure not the last!!!  Now, I just press that little button a 
few times on Maggie IP!!!

dx 3/63
pumping 3/00
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