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[IP] Re: eye problems

My optometrist--I have gone to him for 20 years--is the one who diagnosed my 
retinopathy and sent me to the opthamologist.  The opththamologist , in turn, 
sent me to the retinologist.  (And, yes, I know, I mispelled alomost all of 
those "ologist" words!!!!)
BTW  I have to go in next week for an injection in my "good" eye of steroids 
for  macular edema.  Yes, I know, edema is swelling!  Anyway, I have to have 
this done because the drs are afraid to do surgery on my eye because if 
something went wrong I would be virtually blind.  Feel like I am anyways but 
I do know it could be worse!

dx 3/63
pumping 3/00 with Maggie IP
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