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[IP] Problem with carb counting

As a follow up to my "Mysteries" post a few days ago...

I was doing some thinking about why I frequently can go above the 200's.

My correction bolus is currenting 1 unit for 50 mg/dL over 100.  My 
meal bolus is 1 unit for every 10 carbs.

Here is the problem. Having a meal ratio of 1/10 and a correction of 
1/50 is problematic.  This means that counting carbs needs to be VERY 
accurate.  For example, if I eat a bowl of cereal and measure 1 cup, 
that might be, say 45 carbs (including the milk).  However, if the 
measurement is off at all on either the milk or cereal, then I could be 
off by, say, 10 grams of carbs.  That is off by 1 unit.  1 unit of 
insulin means my BG level will fluctuate 50 mg/dL away from where I 
expected.  And, since I want to avoid lows, my tendancy is to err on 
the side of caution.  So, my 45 carbs might actually be 55, resulting 
in a BGL post-meal that is 50 mg/dL HIGHER than it should be.

And, of course, that is to assume that I'm only ever off by 10 carbs.

I wish my correction bolus was more like 1 unit per 25 mg/dL, because 
such problems wouldn't be such an issue...being off by 10 carbs would 
only put me off my 25 instead of 50 then.

Of course, none of this explains my 4 hour post-meal rises.  But, in 
the last few days I've been VERY consistantly bolusing (square wave) 
for any protein I eat, and it is helping quite a bit.  I still have to 
account for the "glucagon" effect on pizza, sausage breakfast sandwich, 

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