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[IP] Paradigm problems???...and software

I've had my Paradigm since last May (though, didn't start pumping with 
it until July).  Anyhow, during that time, I haven't had a single 
problem with it.  All of the common problems reported here, such as 
short-battery life, no low-power warnings, losing basal settings, light 
problems, etc...I haven't experienced any of them.

So, that gets me thinking about software.  It seems that the EARLY 
versions of the pump are having less reports of problems than later 
versions.  As a software engineer, I think that they may have an issue 
with their software design such that as they fix something, it 
causes "side effects" in other areas, etc.  Of course, being that this 
is a health-product, they should have a very good software process in 
place to help avoid such things...but like all good programmers 
(*sic*), they likely aren't being completely compliant to the 
process.  ;-)

So, anyhow, I was curious as to the software version that each pumper 
has on the Paradigm, as well as what problems you have experienced with 
the software.

I'll go first...

My software version is:  1.7C 1.1 0B 0B
I've had no problems whatsoever after 8 months of pumping.
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