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[IP] Surgery/Hypo-Unawareness and More

I've had surgeries while on the pump - brain surgery in fact, 9 hours-  they 
removed my tumor but not my pump.  You gotta get your endo to talk to the 
surgeon - the inexperienced ones (with pumps, that is) get nervous.  I also 
get the endo's hospital orders to be allowed to treat my own diabetes while 
recovering in hospital.  The nurses hate this but tolerate it. In fact I've 
gone so far as to take two bottles of insulin needles, glucose tabs etc. 
just in case -- I once had to 'surrender' all my medical supplies to a nurse 
who was 'helping' me unpack - and thank God she didn't find my secret stash. 
  Nothing like having a hypo and waiting 40 minutes for a glass of orange 
juice with sugar in it (gimme a break).

Speaking of hypoglcemic unawareness, which I have, I've chosen to check my 
blood sugar at the first sign of anything - confusion, anger, depression, 
irritability, exhaustion and euphoria, and have frequently found myself low 
(<60) and sometimes very low (<35).  Sometimes I feel fine at 35, then just 
keel over, lose conciousness and come to in interesting places, often with 
injuries.  I have noticed that there is an automatic pilot that drives me 
toward glucose most of the time, so I keep tabs and juice everywhere I might 
look in my diminished state of mind -in my purse, the car, the medicine 
chest,the fridge, the drawer, at my mom's, the pantry, and the floor by my 
bed, (in case I lose control of my legs - which happens the lower I go).  I 
live in public housing for the elderly and disabled and we're equipped with 
an emergency alarm button - but you know I can't remember to use it - by the 
time 'it gets me' I'm too far gone to make reasoned decisions.  And yes I 
check a lot, especially before driving, and during aerobic exercise.  My 
blood sugars average between 120-150.  Not my ideal but a lot better than 
risking coma and/or death.


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