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[IP] Diabetes and Burning Man

Just an update:

I recently spoke with an acquaintance who has attended Burning Man for 
several years and what he told me was reassuring.  He said that the medical 
tents are pretty good.  They are mainly prepared to deal with the most 
common problems there, which are dehydration, sunburn, and alcohol 
poisoning, but can handle pretty much anything else that can be cured with 
an IV drip.  I figure that covers both low and high blood sugars, as well 
as any problems with infection, so you should be OK on those fronts.

There is a small town about 20 minutes away with a clinic and a small 
convenience store.  The Burning Man site is two hours driving time from 
Reno.  There is a helicopter available for emergency lifts.

Please let me know if you go; I'd love to hear about it!

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