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Re: [IP] Take it off, take it all off -- Pump that is.

>>>Even though my Animas is waterproof,  I have to either wear it on a belt in
the shower, or put it on a soap dish and risk having it fall a lot .

>>>When (and please list people I need some gentle pushing) I go back to
exercising in the pool, I know I drop a good 40 points.  Instead of carbing up
and continuing to receive insulin, it seems more beneficial to just take the
pump off.<<<

Though I am the one who said I don't understand taking it off for any little
reason, I do take it off in the shower.  Number one, my 507 isn't waterproof,
and though I did manage to cope in the shower when removal wasn't an option, I
never liked it.  About the only time I want to wear it in the shower is when
an extended bolus is running.  But I know what I would do with it, were it
waterproof.  I'd clip it to the shower curtain!

And in the pool, I likely would remove it, too, even if it were waterproof.
It is funny how much your mileage DOES vary in this area, but when I get in
the pool, I can expect to go low, even without a basal rate going at all.
Swimming plummets my sugars big time, and I don't do it often enough to know
how much to reduce my insulin with my food beforehand to compensate.

I would only wear it in the pool if I had no secure place to store it while
swimming, because I sure wouldn't want to lose it.

After swimming, too, the entire twenty four hours thereafter may include some
out of the ordinary lows, too.  What is the deal with water -- does it make my
tired old beta cells start producing insulin again, or what?!  ;-)  (For the
record, I know that whatever is going on there, it isn't that!)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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