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Re: [IP] Regarding unjustified comments

>>>>>>>Just the other day, while I was eating skittles to
counter a low, my boss, in front of other people said
"How can you eat that crap, you are a diabetic?"  I
said I was having an insulin reaction.  I left the
meeting later, feeling abused.  This is probably the
first time anyone has made me feel that way, but I
think that her comment was totally inappropriate. >>>>>>>>>>

 haha, i just had something of the opposite experience yesterday in class. in my
german drill
 section there are maybe ten people and the TA is an acquaintance of mine, so
it's pretty informal.
 he had walked into the classroom and set two cans of diet coke down on the
table, and about ten
 minutes later as we were starting to work on something i started to feel low.
so i asked him,
 "andrew, where's the coke machine in this building?" and he said, oh here, just
have one of mine,
 i'm about to hand out another worksheet. and i said, um, they're DIET though.
and he said, yeah,
 diet coke is ok for you to drink if you're diabetic, right? and i was like,
andrew, i need a
 REGULAR coke, i'm LOW. and the whole class laughed at him, and he turned red as
a lobster and
 apologized about 90 times before directing me to the machine, and then he
apologized about 90 more
 times when i came back and kept asking if i would be all right. i guess it
would not look too good
 if one of his students passed out in class, but finally i was like, LOOK, i'm
ALL RIGHT, ok? of
 course anyone who dares to pretend to be food police around me will immediately
feel the awesome
 power of my nuclear wrath and all my friends know this, but sometimes
oversolicitousness can be
just as bad =)

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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