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Re: [IP] Re: DUH comments

I think this qualifies as a DUH comment. . .

My parents ran into an old friend at the mall, and she mentioned that her
daughter had cancer.  My dad said, "Our daughter has diabetes."  Well, I
thought that old people were supposed to talk about their OWN ailments,
not their kids', but. . .  Anyway, I ran into their friend at the grocery
store.  My brother was coming over for lunch, so I was buying hamburgers,
ice cream, all kinds of goodies.  My parents saw her again at the mall
(do my parents have too much time on their hands???  At least they're
walking at the mall, so that's good) and she TATTLED to them!  "I saw
Anita buying ice cream at Kroger.  Well, maybe it was sugar-free. . ." 
They have finally figured out that it's not the sugar, it's the carbs. 
They've also learned to smile politely and keep walking.  Guess I should
learn that from them.  I had someone say right in front of me once,
"She's not supposed to have any sugar AT ALL."  I politely said, "Who
told you that?"

I just wonder what that woman hoped to gain by tattling to my parents. 
I'm just glad they know the truth and didn't worry about me any more than
they already do.  Of course, my mother does think that my being
overweight contributed to my "taking" type 1 diabetes. . . If that were
the case, other family members would have gotten before me!


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