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Re: [IP] Indoor Water Park


Last summer at an outdoor water park I wore my Minimed 507c in a cloth fanny 
pack after putting it one of those shower packs from Minimed and then 
wrapping it in a thin hand towel to cushion it from any extreme bumps.  The 
only thing I did not go on was the tube thing that completely turned you 
upside down.  I am not sure if it would have been okay, it was just a real 
convenient excuse to decline my 9 and 12 year olds from dragging me on it.  
(Frankly I was just far to scared!)  For most of the water flumes, etc. I put 
the fanny pack directly up front over my tummy and had no problems.  Only 
advice, if you have a tape allergy like I do, remember to quickly change the 
infusion site in the car or a locker room before driving home.  I didn't and 
like always when my site gets wet, I got a blister!  Good luck!
Cee Dee
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