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[IP] Lowest Blood Sugar I Have Ever Had!!!!! ARRRGHH!

I had the lowest blood sugar I have ever had tonight, it was down to 32 and I 
can't for the life of me figure out why. My dinner was something that I have 
eaten a million times before and I took the usual insulin bolus for it, I 
didn't exert myself unusually hard after dinner, and I didn't even feel this 
one coming on like I usually do. It went from feeling fine to shaking and 
babbling at my husband incoherently in like two seconds. usually I feel 
slightly shaky and get a coppery taste in my mouth when a low is coming on, 
this time I had no warning. My one hour post dinner BS was in range. I guess 
I just have to chalk this one up to my pregnancy!! Whats the lowest blood 
sugar that you guys have ever had?

Melissa (who still hasn't figured out a cute or clever name for her pump)
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