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Re: [IP] JDRF posters

Actually my daughter has been one of those as kids you described as
"pathetic" little kids who
has tried to help out with JDRF.  She got up in front of 700 people one time
and you
could hear a pin drop.  The response we got was how strong she was to get up
in front
of everybody and to let them know what it was like.  She has been in a local
for JDRF here too and has been asked to speak where I work.  I would like
you to
meet her sometime and I don't think you would describe her as pathetic or
in self pity.  She does everything her friends do and is very involved but
she is a responsible
young lady who is aware of how serious this disease is and so are all her
friends and they
do not treat her any differently.   They respect her.

We all look at things differently I guess.
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> I wonder about those pathetic kids on the JDRF PSA.  How are they being
> brought up to respond to their lot in life?  It would appear they are
> encouraged to wallow in self pity until researchers bail them out.  The
> kids may well miss out on LIFE that way.  (Don't hold your breath waiting
> the cure that's coming next year and has been that imminent for a few
> decades.)
> After the cameras were turned off, I sure hope the children on the PSA
> encouraged to buck up a little bit and take their diabetes under control,
> rather than feel sorry for themselves.
> Kristen
> dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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