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Re: [IP] Indoor Water Park

Jenny, 14, disconnects for most water situations (beach, pool, water 
slides) and sports. Depending on the level of exercise, she boluses 
ahead for all or part of the missed basal. Usually she is not 
disconnected for more than two  hours. Then she checks and reconnects to 
bolus all or part of the upcoming missed basal. She puts her site on her 
rear end so it doesn't show with her bikini. It works pretty well. The 
big variation is the level of exercise.


Jan Clinthorne wrote:

>Next week we're taking the kids to an indoor waterpark in Ohio.  How have
>people handled their pump in situations like this.  We'll be in the water for
>hours, so I don't want to disconnect.  I have a Paradigm, so its waterproof.
>My concern is losing the pump in the water.  I have the lousy holster, that
>has let go on me in the past.  My suit is a one piece.  I'm not sure what to
>do.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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