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[IP] Pumping during Surgery.

  I have been on the pump now since 6/9/00.  From the period of time I started 
the pump till now.  I have had 2 surgical procedures, shoulder 
arthroscopy.5/10/00, general ansthia and heel fasciatomy, 10/24/01, MAC.   
During both procedures I wore my pump.  I have also had numerous conscious 
sedation things done.  I have had two endoscopys and colonoscopys this year as 
well as a cystoscopy just today as well as numerous epidural blocks for pain 
management.  I HAVE NEVER REMOVED MY PUMP for any of these procedures.    The 
best thing to do is to have your endo or whomever the doctor handling the pump 
write out orders concening the pump and basal rates. I know for the 2 surgical 
procedures that is what my endo did and I had no problem at all with the 
ansthiologist at all.  My Endo wrote all the basal rates and the bolus ratios 
 for highs and when I was to be tested blood sugar wise. She also had them call
 her to speak to her about he ratios and stuff for high or low sugars. I really
recommend you get your endo or primary doctor to write the orders concerning 
the pump. 

        Wendy, Curley Blue, mm508, Larry the lancer, moe the compact meter 
together we are the four stooges.  

P.s. Where in NJ are you from. I am also from NJ I live in Morris County. 
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