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[IP] Eye Problems

In a message dated 2/19/2003 2:22:01 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Am I the only one who was told to see an Ophthalmologist every YEAR?  I was
> told that Retinopathy was not something an Optometrist was qualified to
> recognize, and it wasn't something to mess around with.  Should I begin to
> develop problems, my Ophthalmologist would refer me to someone more 
> qualified
> than herself.

I saw an Opthamologist for the first time ever last summer and was told I had 
no signs of retinapothy.  Then I had a bleeder the following October and went 
for an emergency visit, he hooked me up with a Retina specialist and I was 
told that I had years of Retinapothy in my left eye.  I don't know how it got 
missed over the summer, am still recovering from my vitrectomy and my vision 
is getting better everyday.  Now that I have this Retina specialist, I'm 
guessing I'll just see him once a year now.
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