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Re: [IP] Soap Box & ? about Hypo Awareness

>>>She stated that every once in a while it is OK to
run your numbers up a little higher than usual for a week to bring back the
sensitivity of lows. Not that I don't trust her, but has anybody else heard of
this before?<<<

I had several severe lows a few months ago, including one that caused my legs
to be unable to support me.  That really scared me when that happened.  I
called my endo and she told me that sometimes that's the way it works.  It is
like your body says, "Oh, THAT again.  We won't bother her with that . . ."

In order to make my body start recognizing the lows again, we backed off the
insulin.  I know all my basals were reduced by about 20%.  I don't recall, at
this point, if my carb to insulin ratio was adjusted or not.  It may not have
been, but it may have been, too.  I just don't remember.

It did the trick.  My hypo awareness is back to a more reasonable level again.
Given my experience, I'm inclined to think your CDE was right.  How much
higher you need to let it run, though, I'm not sure.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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