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Re: [IP] JDRF posters

>>>I just really would like to know how you would raise money to help find the
cure. How would your ads go?<<<

You know, I think the ads could include a lot of the same information -- the
rate of diagnosis, the complications that result, and maybe even some of the
facts of life as a diabetic, like the highs and lows that you have to deal
with when trying to keep your numbers as level as possible.  It could even
mention that most often, this is dealt with by taking 8-10 injections a day.
Then they could say, "The only way to escape all of this is if we get the
funding we need to continue research for a cure.  Please consider a tax
deductible gift  . . ."

What I object to is not the message, so much as the method in which it is
delivered.  "Oh, we feel so sorry for ourselves!  Won't you feel sorry for us,

Maybe I am very abnormal, but my response to that is not to reach into my
wallet and help out.  It is to tell those wallowing in self pity to deal with
it and grow up.

Someone else also said that when getting funding from the CDC, you HAVE to
make your problem sound as bad as possible.  That does make sense to me.  I
also understand that they want to motivate those who can do nothing more than
provide some money to actually do so.  By all means, such people need to be
aware and give their money.  I just don't want to be identified to the public
as an object of pity in order to do that.

I also appreciate the fact that when I was that child with diabetes, though I
think I did occasionally receive my parents' pity, they didn't let me know it!
They encouraged me, "You CAN handle this!  And we're here to help you do
that."  As a result, that is how I approach my disease today, with the
attitude that I can handle it, and I'll do the best I can.

I wonder about those pathetic kids on the JDRF PSA.  How are they being
brought up to respond to their lot in life?  It would appear they are being
encouraged to wallow in self pity until researchers bail them out.  The poor
kids may well miss out on LIFE that way.  (Don't hold your breath waiting for
the cure that's coming next year and has been that imminent for a few

After the cameras were turned off, I sure hope the children on the PSA were
encouraged to buck up a little bit and take their diabetes under control,
rather than feel sorry for themselves.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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