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Re: [IP] email @ redacted

> > "She stated that every once in a while it is OK to
> > run your numbers up a little higher than usual for a week to bring back
> the
> > sensitivity of lows.
> Michael,
> I have been told this also.  Instead of aiming for 100 which is my
> target I was told to aim for 150.  However, I have also heard people
> who aimed for 120 if that makes you uncomfortable.  The idea is once
> you average numbers a little higher that you regain some of the
> symptoms.    It worked for me when I tried it a few years ago.
> My problem now is I am still struggling to get my numbers in order. 
> Basal testing has been a nightmare the last few months since I can't
> get a stable number to start testing with to save my life.  Grr...

Sometimes life is like that :-(   sigh....
Keep trying for basal sets during one part of the day every couple of 
days until you get 2-3 days where the curve looks the same. If you do 
it more often than that then your system really gets screwed up. It 
once took us a month to get Lily's nights straightened out. Just a 
series of "things", a cold, sports, pizza, etc.... all conspired to 
make it difficult for a looooonnnnggg time. 

email @ redacted
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