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Re: [IP] Wearing Pump in Surgery

Before surgery you should have a chance to meet the anesthesiologist.
Discuss with them how you would like to have your diabetes controlled.  Most
of the time, you will find that they are greatful for your input, and likely
to take your advice.   When Maverick had surgery in December, we left his
pump on.  They monitored his sugar frequently, and were prepared to give
sugar if needed.  (Dextrose through the IV).  I was a little apprehensive
about them giving any boluses through the pump.  Luckily, we did not have
to, and his sugars stayed very stable.  I recommend just talking it over
with the Doctor.  Maybe you could give him your correction bolus and simple
instructions for giving a bolus.
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> Folks,
> While eye problems are being discussed I'd like to know if anyone here has
> a trabeculectomy (glaucoma surgery) fail following cataract surgery.  I'm
> scheduled the 25th to have a drain implanted behind the eye to relieve the
> pressure in preparation for a later corneal transplant.  I confess to
> really nervous about this.  The surgeon who admittedly doesn't know about
> therapy said the anesthetist will probably make me remove my pump.  I said
> WAY", but how much clout does the patient really have under these
> circumstances.  Please contact me if you have any word of reassurance.
> Thanks.
> Shirley (NJ)
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